Mission Statement

To provide students and newly graduated optometrists with the content and resources they need to be successful after optometry school.



We believe that new graduate optometrists hold the key to the future of our profession. By equipping new ODs with the proper tools and resources we can ensure that optometry continues to be an amazing profession.


Core Values

  • Deliver the best eyecare content
  • Be honest and personable with members and readers
  • Be positive and proactive
  • Promote entrepreneurialism


The History of NewGradOptometry

Launched in April 2013, was founded by Dr. Matthew Geller, an optometrist at in San Diego, California. Matt is also the founder of, the largest website for optometry students ever created. Matt is the co-founder and CEO of, an career development and job placement company for healthcare professionals.

A leader in digital eyecare publishing, Antonio Chirumbolo OD helped to co-found both and Antonio attended the SUNY College of Optometry and returned to his hometown, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to private practice shortly after graduating. Antonio operates the day-to-day affairs of the publication and is credited for the sites robust content achieves.




1. Is NewGradOptometry few for new graduate optometrists? is free for everyone. We do offer the option for visitors to register, which will allow visitors to receive restricted content, exclusive interviews, deals, discounts, and to keep updated with every article.  


2. How many articles does publish for new graduate optometrists?

In a given month, we release roughly 20 articles and over a dozen videos, all written by our paid team and guest writers.  

3. Why is NewGradOptometry different than other publications for new graduate optometrists?

We pride ourselves by sticking to our niche segment of new optometry professionals. Because our team consists of new graduates, the content we create is written by the minds who understand it best. We also are extremely particular when it comes to choosing advertisers and sponsors, working only with industry that we feel has the best interests of new graduate optometrists. As a side note, we also work directly with, the best resource for new graduate physical therapists and, the best resource for new graduate occupational therapists.


4. What else does NewGradOptometry create other than articles?

We produce custom infographics, live streams, high-quality 4K video productions and exclusive video interviews and written interviews. We perform live Google Hangouts with the most influential people in our profession, as well as leading industry research. We host in-person talks at optometry schools and vision care meetings and expos.